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Schneider Electric Servo Repair
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 Ampeon's highly skilled technicians repair hundreds of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC industrial electronics each year for a price typically 50% to 60% of the cost of a new unit. Our repair technicians are competent to services to all SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Brands like AEG Gmbh Repair, GOULD Repair, MODICON Repair, SQUARE D Repair, TELEMECANIQUE Repair and SCHNEIDER AUTOMATION Repair. We have one of the most advanced diagnostics in the industry. Your item will be re-built/refurbished: cleaned, diagnosed, repaired, tested, and shipped back to you like new with quality workmanship.

Additionally we are on call 24/365 at 1+800 504-9996 and have well stocked spares

Schneider Electric Servo Motor Repair

inventory to ensure quick turnaround times thereby saving valuable downtime of our valued customers.
All this makes Ampeon the preferred SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC repair provider of industrial electronic repairs in North America. We, at Ampeon provide:-

  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Servo Drive Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Servo Controller Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Inverter Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Power Supply Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Machine Interface Board Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Industrial Electronics Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Operator Interfaces Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Spindle Drives Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Motor Controllers Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Motor Controls Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Motor Drives Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Speed Controllers Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Speed Controls Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Variable Frequency Drives
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Variable Speed Drives Repair
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Operator Interface Repair

Ampeon is your source for expert SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC repair including all SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC servo drives including SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC power supply units. Our services include: -

  • Free evaluations are provided with a price quotation for the repair of your SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC electronics. When approved, the device is repaired, tested and shipped back to you promptly. Quick turn-around is our specialty.
  •  To find out more about our SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC repairs capabilities, please contact us at 1-800-504- 9996 or email to: sales@ampionservo.com
  • Your SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC electronics will be professionally evaluated, tested, and repaired to component level by trained, experienced technicians. Sophisticated, state of the art diagnostic equipment in our repair labs guarantees reliable electronic repairs. You can rely upon Ampeon services for quality SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC service and repair.
  • RUSH repair service is available upon request for time critical repairs and in most cases can be completed in as little as 24 hours. Additional fees will apply for RUSH service.
  • One year Warranty on all SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC repairs.
Looking for a SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Repair?
Give Ampeon an opportunity to repair/refurbish your SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC brand electronics device.
Call us at 1+800 504-9996 or email us at sales@ampionservo.com

 To send us your SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC servo unit now for a free evaluation and repair quote, click on the Free Evaluation/Quote Form link or contact us and we will provide you with an RMA by phone, fax, or email.

Ampeon is not affiliated in any way with the SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC company nor is it acting in any manner as a distributor for the SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC company
Here is a list of some of the SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC models we repair. The list is not complete and there are lots of more SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC units we repair: -

    • 110-280 AMPLIFIER MOD Repair 
    • 110-281 SERVO POS MOD Repair 
    • 110-282 SERVO POS MOD Repair 
    • 110-283 SERVO POS MOD Repair 
    • 110-312 CONTROLLER Repair 
    • 140CPU53414 QUANTUM CPU Repair 
    • 140CPU53414A QUANTUM CPU Repair 
    • 60-018 RAM/EPROM BOARD Repair 
    • 160-019 RAM/EPROM BOARD Repair 
    • 160-020 RAM/EPROM BOARD Repair 
    • 160-021 RAM/EPROM BOARD Repair 
    • 160-022 RAM/EPROM BOARD Repair 
    • 160-023 RAM/EPROM BOARD Repair 
    • 553VIC13430 ‡ IND WORKSTATION Repair 
    • 553VIC14430 ‡ IND WORKSTATION Repair 
    • 553VIC14661 ‡ IND WORKSTATION Repair 
    • 553VIC15339 ‡ IND WORKSTATION Repair 
    • 610MDC20531 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • 610MSA20531 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • 610MSA21031 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • 610MSA22031 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • 8020SCP424 PLC PROCESSOR Repair 
    • 8020SCP444 PLC MDL 400 16K Repair 
    • 8020SCP631 PLC MODEL 600 Repair 
    • 8020SCP632 PLC PART $2,588 Repair 
    • 8020SCP644 PLC MDL 600 26K Repair 
    • 8030CRM601 PLC CONVER $1,497 Repair 
    • 8030CRM931 SYMAX ADAPT MOD Repair 
    • 8030DLM110 9K D-LOG DATA Repair 
    • 8030DLM120 PLC LOG $2,036 Repair 
    • 8055SCP452 PLC SYMAX PROC Repair 
    • 8055SCP453 PLC SYMAX Repair 
    • 55SCP654 PLC MODEL 650 Repair 
    • 8055SCP655 PLC ETHERNET Repair 
    • AS-P453-541 RMT I/O PS/INTF Repair 
    • AS-P453-542 RMT I/O PS/INTF Repair 
    • AS-P453-551 RMT I/O PS/INTF Repair 
    • AS-P453-552 RMT I/O PS/INTF Repair 
    • AS-P453-581 RMT I/O PS/INTF Repair 
    • ATV56D12N4U 10HP 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D16M2U 15HP 230V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D16N4U 20HP 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D23M2U 20HP 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D23N4U 25HP 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D33M2U 30HP 230V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D33N4U 30HP 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D46M2U 40HP 230V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D54N4U 60HP 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D64N4U 60HP 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV56D79N4U 75HP 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV58HC13N4XZU 150H 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV58HC15N4XZU 200H 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV58HC19N4XZU 250H 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV58HC23N4XZU 300H 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV58HC25N4XZU 350H 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV58HC28N4XZU 400H 460V AC DR Repair 
    • ATV58HC31N4XZU 450H 460V AC DR Repair 
    • MM-PM41-400 ‡ PMATE4000 SPLIT Repair 
    • MM-PM41400C ‡ PANELMATE 4200 Repair 
    • MM-PM41-40S ‡ PANELMATE 4200 Repair 
    • MM-PM4140SC ‡ PANELMATE 4200 Repair 
    • MM-PM42-400 ‡ PANELMATE 4200 Repair 
    • MM-PM42400C ‡ PANELMATE 4200 Repair 
    • MM-PM42-40S ‡ PANELMATE 4200 Repair 
    • MM-PM4240SC ‡ PANELMATE 4200 Repair 
    • MM-PM50-400 ‡ PANELMATE 5000 Repair 
    • MM-PM50-4T0 ‡ PANELMATE 5000 Repair 
    • MHDA1112A00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • MHDA1198A00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • MHDA1198N00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • MHDS1004N00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • MHDS1008N00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • MHDS1017N00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • MHDS1028N00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • MHDS1056N00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 
    • MHDS1112N00 SERVO DRIVE Repair 

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