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Emerson Servo Motor Repair, Emerson Servo Repair, Emerson Unimotor FM Series Brushless Motor Repair, Emerson NT Series Compact Motor Repair, Emerson XV Series Economical Motor Repair, Emerson MG Series Low Inertia Motor Repair, Emerson MH Series 460 V Motor Repair, Emerson Spindle Motor Repair

Amptron has trained technicians who perform professional and expert repairs on Emerson Servo Systems. Our services include but are not limited to repairing Emerson NT series servo motors, Emerson MG servo motors, Emerson MH servo motors, , Emerson DX servo motors, , Emerson BL servo motors, Emereson Unimotors and many more.

We have test rigs and engineering data to ensure that your Emerson Servo Motor is repaired and tested to Emerson repair standards. We stock numerous Emerson interface connectors to test run the Emerson motors and have strict Quality Control Processes.

As expert North American Emerson Servo Motor Repair experts, Amptron focuses on reliability, competitive prices, quick turnaround times, professional customer service and warranties. All Emerson Servo Repairs require specialized skills and knowledge and our servo repair technicians at Amptron are trained and experienced to handle these servo repairs. We have test rigs and software to troubleshoot; repair and test run Emerson servo motors.

We provide services for: -

  • Emerson AC Servo Motor Repair
  • Emerson Brushless DC Servo Motor Repair
  • Emerson Spindle Motor Repair
  • Emerson Stepper Motor Repair
  • Emerson Unimotor FM Series Brushless Motor Repair
  • Emerson NT Series Compact Motor Repair
  • Emerson XV Series Economical Motor Repair
  • Emerson MG Series Low Inertia Motor Repair
  • Emerson MH Series 460 V Motor Repair

Need to get your Emerson Servo Motor repaired. Fill in the Free Evaluation/ Quote Form or call us at 1+800 504-9996. Our representatives will be too glad to serve you.

10 Reasons to use Amptron for your Emerson Servo Repairs:

  • Dedicated repairer of Emerson Servo Motors
  • Variety of manufacturer specific test rigs
  • Detailed OEM test procedures
  • Full closed loop testing of motor with drive after repairs
  • Feedback testing, alignment and repair
  • Emergency turnaround service; RUSH & PRIORITY
  • Vast stock of motor spares
  • Fully documented repairs procedure/technical notes
  • Dedicated Emerson Servo Motor technicians with extensive experience
  • New and exchange motors available from stock

Amptron has scores of satisfied customers/clients as a result of our perfect and highest quality repair workmanship, fast turnaround times, professional technical expertise and ever responsive & courteous customer service. Our clients include fortune 500 companies.

Call us for a Free Evaluation/Quote at 1+800 504-9996 and an Amptron representative will be too glad to assist you with your Emerson Servo Repair needs.

To send us your Emerson servo unit now for a free evaluation and repair quote, click on the Free Evaluation/Quote Form link or contact us and we will provide you with an RMA by phone, fax, or email.

Amptron is not affiliated in any way with the Emerson company nor is it acting in any manner as a distributor for the Emerson company. 

Here is a list of some of the Emerson models we repair. The list is not complete and there are lots of more Emerson servo motors we repair: -

  • 115EZA200CACAA
  • 115EZA300CACAA
  • 115EZA400CACAA
  • 115EZA600CACAA
  • 115EZB200CACAA
  • 115EZB300CACAA
  • 115EZB301CACAA
  • 115EZB400CACAA
  • 115EZB600CACAA
  • 115EZC200CACAA
  • 115EZC300CACAA
  • 115EZC400CACAA
  • 115EZD200CACAA
  • 115EZD300CACAA
  • 115EZD301CACAA
  • 115EZD400CACAA
  • 115EZE200CACAA
  • 115EZE300CACAA
  • 115EZE301CACAA
  • 115UMB300CACAA
  • 115UMB301CACAA
  • 115UMD300CACAA
  • 115UMD301CACAA
  • 115UME300CACAA
  • 115UME301CACAA
  • 142EZA200CACAA
  • 142EZA300CACAA
  • 142EZA400CACAA
  • 142EZA600CACAA
  • 142EZB200CACAA
  • 142EZB300CACAA
  • 142EZB301CACAA
  • 142EZB400CACAA
  • 142EZC200CACAA
  • 142EZC300CACAA
  • 142EZD200CACAA
  • 142EZD300CACAA
  • 142EZD301CACAA
  • 142EZE200CACAA
  • 142UMB300CACAA
  • 142UMB301CACAA
  • 142UMD300CACAA
  • 142UMD301CACAA
  • 190EZA200CACAA
  • 190EZA300CACAA
  • 190EZA301CACAA
  • 190EZB200CACAA
  • 190EZB300CACAA
  • 190EZC200CACAA
  • 190UMA300CACAA
  • 190UMA301CACAA
  • 190UMB300CACAA
  • 190UMB301CACAA
  • 190UMC300CACAA
  • 190UMC301CACAA
  • 190UMD300CACAA
  • 190UMD301CACAA
  • 55EZA300XAXAA
  • 55EZA300XBXAA
  • 55EZA301XAXAA
  • 55EZA301XBXAA
  • 55EZA500XAXAA
  • 55EZA500XBXAA
  • 55EZA501XAXAA
  • 55EZA501XBXAA
  • 55EZB300XAXAA
  • 55EZB300XBXAA
  • 55EZB301XAXAA
  • 55EZB301XBXAA
  • 55EZB500XAXAA
  • 55EZB500XBXAA
  • 55EZB501XAXAA
  • 55EZB501XBXAA
  • 55EZC300XAXAA
  • 55EZC300XBXAA
  • 55EZC301XAXAA
  • 55EZC301XBXAA
  • 55EZC500XAXAA
  • 55EZC500XBXAA
  • 55EZC501XAXAA
  • 55EZC501XBXAA
  • 55UMB30-310V-S11
  • 55UMB30-310V-S9
  • 55UMB30-560V-S11
  • 55UMB30-560V-S9
  • 75EZA200CACAA
  • 75EZA200CACAA-B5
  • 75EZA300CACAA
  • 75EZA300CACAA-B5
  • 75EZA400CACAA
  • 75EZA400CACAA-B5
  • 75EZA600CACAA
  • 75EZA600CACAA-B5
  • 75EZB200CACAA
  • 75EZB200CACAA-B5
  • 75EZB300CACAA
  • 75EZB300CACAA-B5
  • 75EZB301CACAA
  • 75EZB301CACAA-B5
  • 75EZB400CACAA
  • 75EZB400CACAA-B5
  • 75EZB600CACAA
  • 75EZB600CACAA-B5
  • 75EZC200CACAA
  • 75EZC200CACAA-B5
  • 75EZC300CACAA
  • 75EZC300CACAA-B5
  • 75EZC400CACAA
  • 75EZC400CACAA-B5
  • 75EZC600CACAA
  • 75EZC600CACAA-B5
  • 75EZD200CACAA
  • 75EZD200CACAA-B5
  • 75EZD300CACAA
  • 75EZD300CACAA-B5
  • 75EZD301CACAA
  • 75EZD301CACAA-B5
  • 75EZD400CACAA
  • 75EZD400CACAA-B5
  • 75EZD600CACAA
  • 75EZD600CACAA-B5
  • 75UMB300CACAA
  • 75UMB301CACAA
  • 75UMD300CACAA
  • 75UMD301CACAA
  • 95EZA200CACAA
  • 95EZA300CACAA
  • 95EZA400CACAA
  • 95EZA600CACAA
  • 95EZB200CACAA
  • 95EZB300CACAA
  • 95EZB301CACAA
  • 95EZB400CACAA
  • 95EZB600CACAA
  • 95EZC200CACAA
  • 95EZC300CACAA
  • 95EZC400CACAA
  • 95EZC600CACAA
  • 95EZD200CACAA
  • 95EZD300CACAA
  • 95EZD301CACAA
  • 95EZD400CACAA
  • 95EZD600CACAA
  • 95EZE200CACAA
  • 95EZE300CACAA
  • 95EZE400CACAA
  • 95UMB300CACAA
  • 95UMB301CACAA
  • 95UMD300CACAA
  • 95UMD301CACAA
  • DXE-208
  • DXE-316
  • DXE-340
  • DXE-4120
  • DXE-455
  • DXE-490
  • DXM-208
  • DXM-316
  • DXM-340
  • DXM-4120
  • DXM-455
  • DXM-490
  • DXM-6120
  • MGE-205-CONS-0000
  • MGE-208-CONS-0000
  • MGE-316-CONS-0000
  • MGE-340-CONS-0000
  • MGE-4120-CONS-0000
  • MGE-455
  • MGE-455-CONS-0000
  • MGE-490-CONS-0000
  • MGM-205-CONS-0000
  • MGM-208-CONS-0000
  • MGM-316-CBNS-0000
  • MGM-316-CONS-0000
  • MGM-316-CONS-0001
  • MGM-340-CBNS-0000
  • MGM-340-CONS-0000
  • MGM-4120-CBNS-0000
  • MGM-4120-CONS-0000
  • MGM-455-CBNS-0000
  • MGM-455-CONS-0000
  • MGM-490-CBNS-0000
  • MGM-490-CONS-0000
  • MHE-316-CBNS-0000
  • MHE-316-CONS-0000
  • MHE-340-CBNS-0000
  • MHE-340-CONS-0000
  • MHE-4120-CONS-0000
  • MHE-455-CBNS-0000
  • MHE-455-CONS-0000
  • MHE-490-CBNS-0000
  • MHE-490-CONS-0000
  • MHM-316-CBNS-0000
  • MHM-316-CONS-0000
  • MHM-340-CBNS-0000
  • MHM-340-CONS-0000
  • MHM-4120-CBNS-0000
  • MHM-4120-CONS-0000
  • MHM-455-CBNS-0000
  • MHM-455-CONS-0000
  • MHM-490-CBNS-0000
  • MHM-490-CONS-0000
  • MHM-6120-CBNS-0000
  • MHM-6120-CONS-0000
  • MHM-6200-CBNS-0000
  • MHM-6200-CONS-0000
  • MHM-6300-CBNS-0000
  • MHM-6300-CONS-0000
  • MHM-8250-CONS
  • MHM-8500-CONS-N000
  • MHM-8750-CONS-N000
  • NTE-207-CBNS-0000
  • NTE-207-CONS-0000
  • NTE-212-CBNS-0000
  • NTE-212-CONS-0000
  • NTE-320-CBNS-0000
  • NTE-320-CONS-0000
  • NTE-330-CBNS-0000
  • NTE-330-CONS-0000
  • NTE-345-CBNS-0000
  • NTE-345-CONS-0000
  • NTE-355-CBNS-0000
  • NTE-355-CONS-0000
  • NTM-207-CBNS-0000
  • NTM-207-CONS-0000
  • NTM-212-CBNS-0000
  • NTM-212-CONS-0000
  • NTM-320-CBNS-0000
  • NTM-320-CONS-0000
  • NTM-330-CBNS-0000
  • NTM-330-CONS-0000
  • NTM-345-CBNS-0000
  • NTM-345-CONS-0000
  • NTM-355-CBNS-0000
  • NTM-355-CONS-0000
  • XVM-130101
  • XVM-13042
  • XVM-13046
  • XVM-13051
  • XVM-13068
  • XVM-13089
  • XVM-401
  • XVM-402
  • XVM-403
  • XVM-6011
  • XVM-604
  • XVM-606
  • XVM-8017
  • XVM-8022
  • XVM-8023
  • XVM-8028
  • 869005-07 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • 96009702 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • BL? EMERSON Servo Motor
  • BLM316WB-4 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DX-490 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXE-208C EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXE-316W-UL EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXE-450 PN 861113-5R EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXE-455W EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXE-455W P/N:960100-01 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXE-490C PN 960130-03 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-202 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-205 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-205 PN 861114-50 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-308 PN 861101-5R EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-340B PN 960099-11 REVA3 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-340CB EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-340CB PN 960099-13 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-430B EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-450B EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-455C PART# 960101-03 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-455WB EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-6120B EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-6300 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM7120- EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-780 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • DXM-8200 PN 861118-50 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • MGE-205-CONS-0000 PN 960104-23 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • MGE-316-CONS-000 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • MGE-316-CONS-0000 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • MGM-316-CBNS-0000 PN 960098-33 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • MGM-340-CBNS-0000 PN 960099-33A3 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • MGM340-CONS-0000 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • MHM490-CONS-0000 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • RT-202S EMERSON Servo Motor
  • RT-310E EMERSON Servo Motor
  • S3007 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • S-6280 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • ST402CS-6 EMERSON Servo Motor
  • ST404CSB-1 PN 860404-31 REV G1 EMERSON Servo Motor


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