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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I send repairs to Amptron?

Fill out a Free Evaluation/Quote form first, it’s right on this website (Free Evaluation/ Quote Form) and submit it. Upon receipt we will send you an RMA (Return Material Authorization) Number cum Packing Slip and shipping how to instructions. Carefully pack and ship the servo motors / Control devices it to us with as much information as possible including symptoms of failure and any other information relating to the failure of the unit/device. (Electronic devices/Servos are very delicate. Please use care when packaging your servo/device. Many motors/devices arrive at our facility with shipping damage that either increases the cost of repair or renders the device/servo non-repairable). Upon receipt by us, your item will still be logged in our system and the free evaluation/ repair process will begin.

2. Do Amptron repair Servo Motors/ Electronics Controls regardless of manufacturer?

More likely we will be able to repair the Servo Motor/ Electronics Control Unit for you – no matter who the manufacturer is. However, especially the servo motors must not have been tempered with or disassembled in any way.

3. How long will it take to get my item repaired and back to me?

Our normal repair service includes Free Evaluation and a quote in approximately 24 hours after we receive your unit. The evaluation comes at no risk to you; all you pay is shipping. Once we receive your approval, the repair will typically be completed in 5 to 14 working days depending on parts availability and workload. Return shipping will depend on how far and how fast – usually from 2 to 4 days UPS ground in North America. Of course, overnight shipping is available as well to most locations. In addition, customers can use our RUSH or PRIORITY repair services.

4. How much will it cost to repair?

You will receive a free quote after we evaluate your item. By providing job-specific pricing we can offer you, our customer, the best pricing. Most repairs can be completed for less than 50% of the cost to buy a new item.

5. What are Standard, Priority and Rush turnaround times?

  • Standard turnaround time: 5-14 working days after approval pending parts availability.
  • Priority turnaround time: within 3 – 5 working days pending parts availability (customer approval is deemed obtained)
  • Rush turnaround time: within 3 to 48 hours or less pending parts availability (customer approval is deemed obtained)

6. What is the Free Evaluation Process?

Our repair technicians at Amptron carefully review each servo motor/ electronics control device/item sent to us for a free evaluation. We will look for obvious signs of damage as well as known common faults for that particular device/item, and for signs of previous repair attempts. We will test the functionality of some suspect parts and look for signs of catastrophic failure that would make the unit irreparable. At this stage, we will not do a complete component by component test. Our repair prices are based on the amount of damage to the items.

7. How will you test the servo motor I send you?

Every servo device is tested both statically and dynamically to insure proper operation. Encoders, resolvers and tachometers are adjusted to the correct timing, waveform shape, offset position, voltage level, etc. Every effort is made to reduce stray electrical noise to the lowest possible level, if not eliminate it completely. Electrical parts are tested for high voltage leaks, shorts, grounds and overall physical condition. Servo motors are tested for vibration, current draw, back EMF, torque, temperature rise, shaft runout, keyway condition, balance, acceleration rate, magnetic field strength, magnet position and mechanical integrity, brush spring pressure, correct brush compound, etc. On low inertia motors, start/stop ramps are tested to verify acceleration capabilities. Completed servo motors are run-in for 24 hours (except emergency rebuilds).

8. What is Amptron’s Shipping Policy?

The customer is responsible for shipping both to and from Amptron. You select the carrier and method you prefer. UPS, Federal, and DHL International are the most common carriers that we have found to be reliable. Your account number can be used for return shipping, if requested. We do not ship U.S. Postal Service.

9. What is the Amptron’s Warranty policy)?

Your satisfaction is our commitment. If your item has been repaired and does not work when it is reinstalled, please call our customer service team at (800) 504-9996. We can assist with many installation questions. If it is determined that the unit needs warranty repair services, send the unit back to us with the job number, a note with the nature of the problem, and contact information. We will refix it right away. Our objective is to fair. Our repairs are covered by a one year warranty as per our warranty policy.

10. How do I approve a quotation?

All RUSH and PRIORITY repairs are deemed approved. For non time critical STANDARD repairs you will receive a quotation via email, unless otherwise requested. Print and review the quote and simply sign it authorizing us to do the work and fax it back at (888) 868-9950. If you use Purchase Order numbers, please include that as well. We will contact you after receipt to coordinate payment and the repairs.

11. How can I check the status of my repairs?

Please call our customer service team at (800)-504-9996 any time from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Eastern Time. Or, you can email us at custserv@ampionservo.com as well. We are always standing by to help you.

12. What is a third party repair house?

A third-party repair house is an independent operation that is not tied to the OEM’s or manufacturers. We at Amptron are not the repair centre for any OEM/Manufacturer.

13. What are the payment options?

Until a line of credit is applied for and approved, our terms are C.O.D., or you may pay by MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Paypal. Orders can be prepaid with a major credit card, wire transfer, or a company check. Many of our customers and most first time customers use the credit card payment option. Net terms can sometimes be set up for subsequent orders by checking in with our credit office. If you’d like to apply for Net 30 terms simply complete our on-line “Credit Application” or fax your credit information to (888) 868-9950. If using your own preprinted credit information, please ensure it includes the information requested on our on-line Credit Application. All international (outside of North America) sales are wire transfer only.

14. Does Amptron sell parts?

No we do not sell electronic parts.

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