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Magnets in a servo motor especially pancake motor do demagnetize due to various damages. Whereas the demagnetized motor may run it won’t be able to deliver full torque resultantly causing the system to fail during conditions of exposure to full load. Another scenario when magnetic damage occurs is during the disassembly/assembly of stepper/pancake motors due to loss of specific air gap between magnets in the stator and the rotor itself. Magnet strength is tested to insure you are getting the proper torque out of your servo motor. Magnetization after assembly is done to achieve high density flux. If your Servo Motor is determined to have bad magnets we can replace broken magnets and re-magnetize magnets which have lost their strength. Re-magnetization of the servo motor, pancake motor or stepper motor assures that the motor will have the same torque as did when it was shipped from the manufacturer.

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