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Amptron Servo Motor Repair and Industrial Electronics Repair USA  USA
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Toll Free: (800) 504-9996
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Toll Free: (800) 504-9996
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Most popular Services

AC Drive Repair
DC Drive Repair
AC/DC Drive Controller Repair
Analog Circuit Board Repair
Digital Circuit Board Repair
Bar Code Reader & Scanner Repair
Chart Recorder Repair
CNC Control Repair
Industrial Counter Repair
CRT Monitor Repairs
Data Terminal Repair
Digital Position Readout Repair
Digital Tachometer Repair
Electronic Braking Control Repair
Electronic Embroidery Machine Repair
Servo Encoder Repair
Flow Meter Repair
Gas Detector Repair
HVAC Control Repair
Laser System Repair
Light Curtain Repair
Panel View Repair
Panel Mate Repair
PH Meter Repair
PH Controller Repair
Power Supply Repair
Programmable Controller Repair
Robot Control Repair
LCD Monitor/Display Repair
Chart Recorder Repair
Digital Data Recorder Repair
Radio Frequency Generator Repair
Servo controller Repair
Servo Drive Repair
Servo Encoder Repair
Servo Resolver Repair
Tape Reader Repair
Teach Pendant Repair
Temperature Controller Repair
Industrial Timer Repair
Industrial Counter Repair
Uninterruptible Power Supply Repair
Vector Drive Repair
Weighing System Repair
Welder Control Repair

Industries Served

Amptron has served thousands of customers from wide-ranging industries including but not limited to: Government, Food Processing, Beverage Bottling, Consumer Goods, Aerospace, Plastics, Milling and Tool, Injection Moulding, Fiber Optic, Printers, Corrugated Box, Fiberglass, Paper and Pulp, Chemical, Medical and Pharmaceutical.

Our Repair Service Procedure

  1. Amptron offers repair estimates of over 100,000 items.
  2. When your item is received it is photographed and logged in and Indentified for evaluation
  3. Your item is evaluated to determine if the parts suspected of failure are available
  4. You are provided a quote and chargeable work will not begin until you approve by signature/email.
  5. Approvals are deemed obtained for ‘RUSH‘ and ‘PRIORITY‘ repairs
  6. After approval parts are ordered and your repaired item will usually ship in 5 to 14 days via UPS ground unless specified otherwise by you.
  7. Also repaired units/items are quality control checked/load tested & photographed prior to shipping
  8. All items are double boxed to properly protect your product during shipment.

Industrial Electronics Controls Shipping Procedure

1. Complete a Free Evaluation/Quote Form for each motor you want to get repaired to describe the failure of your device and submit it electronically. We will send you an RMA Number and specimen Packing Slips upon submission of form.
2. After obtaining RMA Number from us, carefully package your servo motor/electronic control unit and include copy of the Packing List with the package. (Electronics Units are very delicate. Please use care when packaging your devices. Many units arrive at our facility with shipping damage that either increases the cost of repair or renders the device non-repairable.)
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