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An in depth understanding of how servo systems and feedback devices work is essential for repairing the servo motors. A Servo motors may be AC or DC but they have a feedback system incorporated in each type and it is very important to know as to what type of feedback control the motor has? These feedback devices can be one or a combination of the following:-

  • Incremental Encoders.
  • Slotted optical or hall effect commutation sensors.
  • Absolute Encoders.
  • Sine wave output encoders
  • Serial Data Encoders (En-Dat, SSI, OEM Specific codes).
  • Serial Data Encoders with model, data, parameter and position memories.
  • Multi Turn encoders.
  • Resolvers.
  • Tacho generators, electronic and electromechanical.

Each type of these feedback devices requires different alignment and test equipment specific for each manufacturer. The data output from encoders can be in a variety of forms, from simple “A&B” quadrature outputs or parallel outputs to bi-directional serial communications in binary, hexadecimal , gray or an OEM specific code. This data needs to be checked, analyzed and verified to ensure the feedback device is working properly and is correctly aligned relative to the rotor’s magnetic field. Where the feedback data is in a specialized communication form specific to the OEM we have specialist test equipment to read the data and run the motor at it working speed. Upon arrival servo motors are back driven before any screw or bolt is removed. We run a variety of tests on the servo motor and associated feedback device during this time. All this happens even before a repair commences.

For servo motors even mechanical repairs need to be carried out with specialized equipment. Rotors must never be removed from a servo motor by hand. Pancake servo motors must be demagnetized at the time disassembly and re-magnetized upon assembly after repairs. Dragging the rotor magnets over the stator will cause damage to them as they are often very brittle/delicate.

Perfect and correct alignment of feedback devices is crucial. We, at Amptron have designed our own jigs to align Resolvers, Encoders, Hall Effect devices commutation sensors etc to the manufacturers’ specifications.

With the use of oscilloscopes and torque meters, we check the wave pattern of the Servo Motor winding and the torque output to ensure the Servo Motor will deliver during operation back at your business.

We test every servo motor both statically and dynamically to insure its proper operation. Encoders, resolvers and tachometers are adjusted to the correct timing, waveform shape, offset position, voltage level, etc. Every effort is made to reduce stray electrical noise to the lowest possible level, if not eliminate it completely. Electrical parts are tested for high voltage leaks, shorts, grounds and overall physical condition. Servo motors are tested for vibration, current draw, back EMF, torque, temperature rise, shaft runout, keyway condition, balance, acceleration rate, magnetic field strength, magnet position and mechanical integrity, brush spring pressure, correct brush compound, etc. On low inertia motors, start/stop ramps are tested to verify acceleration capabilities. In nutshell, Servo Motors are cleaned and returned to you in a condition as good as the day you bought it new.

The last and the most important aspect of a servo motor repair is the ability to fully test and verify its operation. Being able to run the motor is the absolute minimum for testing. Servo motors will not run on a standard 3 phase supply, you can destroy the magnets that way. One method of testing is to have the associated PSU and servo drive coupled to the motor. This is then linked to a specially built motion controller to communicate to the drive and then run the motor to simulate the conditions that would be seen on a CNC or robot. We use this method of testing for Siemens, Bosch, NUM, Indramat, Control Techniques, Vickers, Reliance, Allen Bradley, Baldor, Lenze, ABB and various other manufacturers motors.

Certain servo motors require more complex methods of testing, i.e. Fanuc, Kawasaki, Yaskawa, Sanyo Denki and Nachi as these motors communicate directly with the machine controller and not the drive. We have developed the expertise to meet the demanding test requirements for these motors and run these at rated speed and load.

New and more complex servo motors are being designed every year. We, at Amptron, are always looking forward to the future. A servo motor repair company has to be dynamic and must continually develop its repair capabilities. Servo motors are complex and complicated; and we, as servo motor repair specialists, must focus on latest design and repair challenges. Our customers put their confidence in us to repair and service their servo motors and we must live up to their trust.

Amptron specializes in Servo Motor Repair, Servo Drive Repair, Servo Controller Repairs, Stepper Motor Repair, Stepper Drive Repair, Spindle Motor Repair, Incremental Encoder Repair, Absolute Encoder Repair, Serial Encoder Repair, Resolver Repair, Hall Effect Devices Repair, Servo Valve Repair plus not to mention industrial electronics repair, calibration and refurbishment of industrial automation controls like VFD Drives, DC Drives and many other Industrial Controls like chart loggers, timers, counters, PCBs, temperature controllers, light curtains, CRT/LCD Monitors, Teach Pendants and Touch Screen Displays etc.. We service over 100,000 different manufacturer parts, including major brands such as Allen Bradley, GE, GE Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Emerson, CompuMotor, DigiPlan, Fincor, Honeywell, KollMorgen, Magnatech, Modicon, Parker, Rockwell, IDC, Industrial Devices, PMI, Seidel, Pacific Scientific, Sterling Electric, Baldor, Reliance Electric, Danfoss and ABB. Amptron is a reputed industrial automation and process control repair and field service company.

Amptron repairs and replaces AC and DC servo motors from a wide variety of manufacturers in the electronic and motion control industries. In addition to servo motors, we service feedback devices, servo amplifiers and many other motion control related products. We have professional tools and state of the art equipments. We are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to help you and with the best prices in market.

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