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Why Choose Us

We, at Amptron take pride on turnaround repairs in an efficient, cost effective and warranty backed quality industrial controls repair and servo motor repair. All our industrial electronics repairs are as per IPC- 7711 and IPC-7721 standards. Our repair facility is equipped with latest servo motor repair software & hardware, waveform analysis gadgetry and top of the line circuit testers and tracers to troubleshoot electronics circuits/ components.

Here are just a few reasons why you should avail of Amptron Services:

Commitment to Quality

At Amptron, we combine our advanced electronic knowledge with our commitment to quality and customer service and the customer gains a dedicated partner that can provide viable and cost effective repair solutions. As an industry leader in Servo Motor Repair, Industrial Electronics Repair & Refurbishing Services, Amptron maintains the highest standards according to proven quality control processes that guarantee you receive the best repairs and services possible. Customer satisfaction is our core objective.

Consistent Quality Control

At Amptron, we maintain our steadfast commitment to quality over quantity which outweighs profitability and volumes of repairs. That having been the norm, we take the little extra time to conduct two or more tests so that we can be certain that your device/ unit has been repaired and serviced properly before being sent back to you after repairs.

Free Evaluation & Warranty. How Much Will It Cost?

Call now for answers to your Industrial Electronics Repair and Servo Motor Repair questions or to arrange a free evaluation of your electronics assembly unit/servo motors/ servo drives. Our prices are very competitive with the repair industry. However, and this is a big “however” our repair quality & warranty policy are one of the best available. We will not take short cuts on your job. Most repairs prices are 30% to 60% of what it will cost to buy a new one. So get fast and quality¬†free servo motor repair and industrial electronic repair evaluations now. Call 1-800-504-9996 or email, Or CLICK the following link to go to our Free Evaluation/Quote Form

Fast Turnaround Time

We closely monitor time spent on each job. Our standard turnaround time is 5-14 days. We also provide PRIORITY service for orders needed in less than 5 business days and RUSH Service for orders with a turnaround from 3 hours to less than 2 business days. Call us at 1+800 504-9996 or email us for answers to any service related queries. Our Standard Service for your non essential repair needs is 5 to 14 days.

Exceptional Reliability

Amptron realizes that every industrial electronics repair is unique. There are hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of models and Amptron is in tune and up to date with all of them; be the equipment 20 years old or just a few weeks old, we are always ready to service our customers repair needs. Our strict quality control repair procedures and trained/certified technicians enable us to get the job done right the first time. We use a comprehensive database of technical manuals to analyze and test (static, load, and operational) most equipment functions. Often, our technicians can anticipate and detect problems among discreet components on your equipment before they become a catastrophic failure/problem helping you save costs in the future for such failures.

1 Year Repair Warranty

All our repairs are backed by a one 1 Year Warranty which starts from the shipping date. This is the one of the best repair warranty in the industry. If you experience any problems with our repaired unit/device, we will repair the item again free of charge within the warranty period, though we rarely encounter this situation. See our Warranty Policy for details listed on this website.

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