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Why do Servo Motors Breakdown?

Servo motors are complex by design, highly specialized and high precision motors. They contain both precision mechanical and miniature electronic components. Repairs to them require a specialized set of skills in electronic, electrical and mechanical repair along with specialized test facilities. . We, at Amptron are a dedicated servo motor repair facility. We have expertise to repair all types and makes of servo motors including DC and AC servo motors, spindle and stepper motors. We are not a broker. Our servo motor repair facility is designed especially for high-tech electromechanical repair. From Fanuc servo motors and Mitsubishi servo motors to Siemens servo motors and Kollmorgen Inland servo motors to more than 650 other leading servo motor brands, Amptron is the servo repair expert you can trust.

Some of the Servo motor failures can be summed up as

  • Mechanical faults… like bearings and bearing housings, contamination (grease, oil, dust etc., imbalance, rotor magnet failures, rotor imbalance, coupling failure, worn brushes (DC motors), carbon build up (DC types) and other mechanical wear and tear.
  • Electrical faults… these can be motor windings shorts, coil shorts, wiring connections, resolver winding failure etc.
  • Electronic Faults… can be feedback devices misalignment, encoder output or position count, encoder memory corruption, electronics tacho faults, electronics component failures, memory power failure, op-amp failures and driver IC failures.

The above is only partial list. A Servo Motor may be out of non operational due to many other reasons/defects.

Servo motor faults/symptoms can only be analyzed and diagnosed by a qualified servo repair technician who fully understands servo motors as a complete closed loop system and can correctly and quickly isolate these unique faults and repair them successfully.

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